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products uses machine learning to identify the most compelling outcomes for sporting events across the globe. These outputs are run through our proprietary Natural Language Generation platform to produce captivating, human-level written content.

Our three-tier service offers access to thousands of fixtures on any given day. In an average week, produces several million words of unique, statistically superior, error-free content; a task that would be unachievable with a human work-force.  

With near-zero integration time, content is delivered at scale via the API.

Please contact us to learn more. 


Bullet-point Statistics provides a statistical bullet points package that analyses and presents data-driven rationale for possible outcomes in a sporting contest. For each fixture, analyses the match outcome and how many goals / points will be scored, as well as other derivative markets. Each outcome is presented with the predictive model's grading. The content is currently available in English, Spanish and Portuguese. 

Preview Verdicts 

Summary Verdicts are human-quality appraisals that explain why outcomes in sporting events are likely to occur. The author's voice combines a nuanced vernacular with a varied and constantly-learning lexicon. The verdicts range from 50 to 200 words in length and can be tailored to suit different author personas for specific audiences.  

Listen to audio samples here (US reader):  01 - 02 - 03 - 04 - 05

Live Commentary has developed a unique live sporting commentary service that can be applied to any sport with a rich, low-latency data source.  These commentaries use human-sounding written language, entirely accurate in-game statistics, and provide infinite variety devoid of human-error. This is all created within an instant of the live event occurring. 


View a sample here, a video demo here or the live API demo here.



Match Preview Verdicts

Most people are predicting a low scoring match. We also think that it will be determined by a few key moments and while it is odds-on with the sportsbooks, we have to go with the analysis that says there will not be many goals at Munich Stadium.

It was a nil-nil draw last time these sides went at it in September. We will not be surprised to see a similar result this time around. The bet we like the most here is to back less than three goals in Saturday's match. Once this one gets underway, we are expecting to see a game with only a few genuine chances. The Under 2.5 Goals market is priced at 2.85 with Bet365.

That is the best play for this match. Remember that we take responsible gambling seriously. Readers are encouraged to gamble for recreation at all times. The bet suggested in this preview is provided after thorough assessment but please do your own additional research prior to betting.

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